Power Solutions for a Transitioning Grid

Southern Illinois Generation Company

Unique Power Solutions

Southern Illinois Generation Company (“SIGC”) is uniquely positioned to service the needs of the evolving power grid in Illinois and the broader Midwest.  As one of the largest independent natural-gas fired portfolios in Illinois, SIGC has the scale and operational capabilities necessary to offer comprehensive solutions that provide affordable and reliable power to local customers.

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Long-term MISO Capacity Products

Qualified unforced MISO capacity available to support resource planning initiatives and other capacity needs.

Portfolio Management and Optimization for current Generation Owners

Hands-on management team with vast resources and experience to manage the portfolio, maintain reliable performance and maximize commercial operations.

Combined-cycle and Peaking Energy Products

Customizable energy solutions for customers with baseload and/or peaking power demand.

Renewable and Thermal Development Opportunities

Infrastructure available across the portfolio to facilitate wind, solar and battery storage development as well as thermal expansion projects.

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Portfolio Overview


Gibson City

Summer Capacity – 242MW
Technology – CT
Heat rate – 11,700
Combustion turbine type – 2 Siemens 501D5A
COD – 2000

Shelby County

Summer Capacity – 352MW
Technology – CT
Heat rate – 9,600
Combustion turbine type – 8 GE LM 6000
COD – 2001

Grand Tower

Summer Capacity – 529MW
Technology – CCGT
Heat rate – 7,800
Combustion turbine type – 2 Siemens 501FD2
COD – 2001


Summer Capacity – 184MW
Technology – CT/Natural Gas
Heat rate – 10,000
Combustion turbine type – 4 GE LM 6000
COD – 1999